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For questions regarding order, shipping, returns, setting up a trade account, or general product information please email [email protected]. We will do our best to respond within 6 hours.

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Kayra RUG
Mimar Sinan Organize Sanayi Bölgesi , 1. Cd. No:16, 38650 Mimarsinan Osb/Melikgazi/Kayseri
+90 544 510 30 43

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About us

Who are we? KAYRA RUG

Kayra Rug has founded as a small enterprise in a small historical bazaar made by Ottomans in Kayseri 80 years ago, selling handmade rugs. During first foundation years, the trade with tourists has mostly covered its trade portfolio but as years passed, the trade with tourists has grown and Kayra Rug has taken its place in the other field of rug business.
Kayra Rug has discovered earlier than its competitors that the global trade has turned its way into the e-commerce and it has adopted its platforms into the e-commerce in 2000s for a better customer relationship and appreciation. During this adoptation, Kayra Rug has worked perfectly and neatly like weaving a rug.
Until 2005, Kayra Rug has continued its e-commerce activities with its local business. After this year it has completely shifted all of its activities towards e-commerce and added different home textile materials into its product portfolio. From this year on, Kayra Rug has continued its persistent progress to become the most preferred and the most advanced e-commerce company in Turkey. 

Today with its 80 years of experience, background, and technology-driven techniques, without compromising the service quality and customer appreciation, the continuously growing Kayra Rug has been drawing attention with its different style.
In addition to become a corporation in 2020, Kayra Rug has been keeping its highest standarts at customer satisfaciton, sustainability and community good for decades. We keep going on our way with the principles of hard working, honesty and strive.
Kayra Rug is aiming to be a big company in Turkey and world by enlarging its business volume and area while keeping up with the latest developments and technologies.

Privacy Principles

Privacy Principles

1- General

Our company, known as Kayra Rug, has adopted the principle of protecting the privacy of visitors to the website. Therefore, the privacy statement explains what kind of information about users is received by Kayra Rug, how they are used and protected while using our website. In addition, within the framework of this Privacy Policy, it is stated how the accuracy of this information can be controlled by you and how we can ensure that this information is deleted by contacting Kayra Rug whenever you want. Kayra Rug will carry out all the necessary procedures for the processing and use of such information in accordance with the current and valid data protection regulations. You can rest assured that Kayra Rug keeps your privacy and passwords confidential from the first moment you access our website and does not share it with anyone. Kayra Rug gives you 100% guarantee in this regard.

Kayra Rug always targets customer satisfaction as the first thing. He will never give up on this vision.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to sites other than Kayra Rug.

2- Collection and Use of Personal Information

Information to be used and processed for a particular person is only possible if that person enters data voluntarily or gives information on this issue explicitly. Entering data or explicitly entering information and passwords on this matter is evidence that the person is knowledgeable about the following conditions.

When you visit Kayra Rug site, some information required by system management, statistics and "back-up" applications will be automatically stored on our servers. This data includes the name of your Internet service provider, in some cases your IP address, the version of your web browser software, the operating system of the computer accessed, the website that referred us, other sites you visit while on our site and the search words you use to find our site. Depending on the situation, this type of data provides some conclusions about the site visitor. However, no personal information can be used for these purposes. Kayra Rug ensures that this information is kept confidential within the framework of its privacy policy and keeps you safe. Such personal data can only be used by being anonymized. In case Kayra Rug directs this information to an external service provider, the necessary technical and organizational procedures will be carried out to transfer the data within the framework of the current legal regulations on data security.

In case of your personal information voluntarily, Kayra Ruga, this information stipulated in the constitution of the Republic of Turkey or the visitor will be used within the limitations declared in symptoms, or undertake processing will be subject to transfer. The transfer of the said personal information to third parties will only be possible if it is stipulated to the judicial or administrative authorities.

If there is a change in this Privacy Statement, we will notify you, both via e-mail and through the announcements section of our website. In this context, we will help you get up-to-date information on what information about you is stored and how this information is used.

3- Security

Kayra Rug keeps your information securely. This information takes all necessary measures to protect it against any loss, damage or alteration. Kayra Rug is obliged to keep this information confidential and not use it for any other purpose, within the framework of its contractual obligations, to its contractual partners who have access to your information in order to deliver the necessary service to you. In some cases, your personal information will need to be shared with Kayra Rug affiliated companies. In these cases, your information will be kept confidential.

4- Cookies

Cookies are simple text files placed on your browser by websites to recognize your preferences and actions. We only use UI improvement cookies for your language preferences. You can manage your cookies in your browser's settings. Kayra Rug guarantees that you will be comfortable in this regard.

5- Your Requests and Questions

The stored information will be deleted by Kayra Rug when the legal or contractual filing period expires or Kayra Rug no longer needs it. However, of course, you can request the deletion of your information at any time. You can also withdraw your declaration of use or processing of your personal information at any time in the future. In such cases or for any other questions regarding your personal information, you can contact our data protection officer via e-mail. (info @ You can store your information and reach us with your questions about the usage areas of this information. We will make every effort to respond to your wishes instantly.